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Varden Horseback Safaris

There can be nothing better than experiencing a riding Safari in an untouched wilderness area, where there are no other travellers – just your small group. Undoubtedly, the Mavuradonha Mountains are one of Zimbabwe’s hidden treasures - a little known area of pristine bush situated only 180 kilometres north of Harare.  This stunningly beautiful wilderness area of some 600 kilometres square has been, unpopulated since the Bushman and Monomatapa Empires.

Sample Itinerary for Tingwa Valley Safari

Explorer Safari (Experienced Riders only)

5 - 9 nights, with a maximum of 6 participants

If you want to experience what it was like for the early explorers sleeping on a mountaintop or on the sandy floor of a cave, this safari is a must for you. You will feel the wind in your face, the proximity of the bush and the calls of the wild all around. It is rare to be able to experience a more flexible itinerary.

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