Horseback Safaris


Horizon Horseback Safaris General Information

The Horizon portfolio is run by Shane and Laura Dowinton, both originally from the U.K. They met whilst working in Australia and settled in the Waterberg in 1993. Their patience and knowledge of horses is shown with every one of their much loved herd.

Shane’s experience with horses ranges from horse racing in Lambourne to the show jumping yards of Guernsey and the Clydesdale show teams of Sydney. However, his real passion is working stock horses. Travelling through the northern tip of Australia and the southern alps of New Zealand, Shane spent many years working livestock on horseback, breaking colts and retraining problem horses. Shane currently runs over 70 horses and has specialised in bringing on youngsters using gentle horsemanship methods. Having spent most of his life in bush areas, Shane’s enthusiasm for the wilderness is as heartfelt as his horsemanship. Those with an enquiring mind will enjoy absorbing his abundant knowledge.

Laura has a gregarious nature and is a constant source of humour and embellished stories. She loves good food and wine and takes great pride in planning the culinary delights of the day. Having worked in the corporate field for many years, she now uses her organisational skills and perceptive nature to accommodate clients’ holiday wishes and daily activities. Her favourite pastime is to escape the office with Horizon's guests, to explore the ranch and the Waterberg wilderness.

The herd comprises Anglo-Arabs, Thorougbreds, Boerperds and crossbreeds, ranging in size from 14.1 to 16.3 hands. All of the horses are honest, forward-going and highly responsive. Many have been reared, broken and schooled at Horizon by Shane, who has been using "round pen reasoning" techniques on young and problem horses for over 15 years.

With over 70 horses to choose from, for a maximum of 10 guests at Horizon Horseback Adventures and 8 on safaris, you are guaranteed to be closely matched with a horse -  both  in term of ability and inclination. Experienced riders will have a stimulating ride on an intelligent horse, whilst novices are able to build confidence as they are informally coached by both guide and mount.

Tack - customised McClellan saddles that give a comfortable and secure western-type ride. English and Australian stock saddles are also available.

Riding Ability

The safaris are only for intermediate and experienced riders, as we will be covering large distances each day and riding through rhino country. Riding time each Day will vary from 3-6 hours.

The Adventures are suitable for all riders, from novice to highly experienced.

All rides are accompanied by at least two guides. Some hard hats are supplied and while not obligatory for normal riding activities, they are required for polocrosse and cross-country jumping.

What to bring:


  • Comfortable riding clothes and well fitting hard hat - compulsory for any person under the age of 21, but highly recommended for each and every person taking part in the safaris. A wide brimmed hat also is advisable as protection against the sun.

  • For the Safaris - we recommend the use of neutral-coloured clothing (khaki, brown, beige and green) that blends in with the bush (no brightly coloured, or white clothing). Light weight long sleeved shirts

  • Swimming costume

  • Jodhpurs or long trousers

  • Short boots and half chaps (long rubber boots not advised). Handmade full-length chaps can be purchased on arrival at Triple B Ranch – please ask for details

  • Camera, film (and extra batteries)

  • Lip balm

  • Passport (for the Big 5 Safari, as you travel to Botswana)

  • Mosquito repellent

  • Walking shoes, hiking boots or ride/run boots

  • Warm clothing (for winter, May to August)

  • Sun block (factor 20 or higher)

  • Bum bag

  • Waterproof raincoat (for summer, from November to March)

  • Basic first aid kit with plasters, painkillers and antihistamine